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Secure printing is a printing process conducted
under a strictly secured environment
to protect personal information or confidential data on the prints.
The entire process is handled in the access-controlled pressing/printing space,
with the product instantly packed and sealed in secured areas,
the file-processing server reserved only for an individual
client within a trustworthy paper disposal system.

Production Inquiry

Security Room Service

Who do you entrust your confidential documents to print?

Confidential documents

must be prepared under utmost security.

  • #Corporate and school’s internal documents
  • #Interview materials with personal information
  • #Documents that include sensitive information
  • #Test papers that require security
  • #Financial reports that contain a company’s current status
  • #Sensitive internal documents of public institutes, banks, etc.

Leave them to Tara TPS’s Security Room Service!

It is a specialized printing service to press and print sensitive and confidential documents, such as corporate accounting audit reports, test papers, and documents that contain personal information, such as `interview materials.

It encapsulates the dual meaning of secure printing space and the seal that safeguards printed materials.

Through our security printing service , we go beyond simple printing outputs and ensure the preservation of the intrinsic value of documents, thereby establishing social trust and fairness.

You Can Trust
our Security Room

Access-controlled pressing/printing space, instant packaging and sealing
in secured areas, the file-processing server reserved only for an individual client,
and a trustworthy paper disposal system are all here for you!

  • International Security Standard

    certified for trustworthy

  • secured printing

    Unauthorized personnel NOT PERMITTED TO ENTER

  • 24/7 CCTV

    Tara is under CCTV surveillance 365 days a year

  • Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)

    Commitment to meticulous security

  • Files are secured without sharing

    Independently developed
    web–hard drive system
    for guaranteed security

  • Encrypted file delivery

    Print requests can also
    be made via USB

  • security seal

    뜯는 순간 알아채는

  • In situ shredding

    A perfectly systematic process to the very end

systematic process Experience the convenient and systematic process
  • Request

    Checks for schedule and printing details (types, quantities, etc.) Checks for documents to be printed (PDF recommended) Sign NDA

  • Schedule Adjustment

    Adjustment of the printing schedule Check the print delivery date Confirmation of the print delivery date

  • Proceed to Printing

    Delivery of a USB to the manager Proceed to secured printing using a secured PC Printing directly from USB without copying files to PC

  • Scrap Papers and Security Management

    Control around the equipment Control access of the internal personnel in the center and from other branches Collection and disposal of scrap papers

  • Packaging and Shipping

    Secure on-site packaging process Evenly load on shipping vehicles Secure printing completion confirmation drafted

We provide various services. Diverse and coordinated services are available
Verified service Rest assured! Many companies are already utilizing our security printing service .

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Business year Company name Printing items
2019 Recruiting Company S Test papers, answer sheets, packaging, interview materials (binders, name tags)
2019 Foundation C Notes for test participants
2019 Financial Institute K Binder, name tags
2019 Mutual Aid C Test venue information poster
2019 Test venue information poster Test venue information poster
2019 E complex Test papers, answer sheets, packaging, packaging labels