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In the past, the printing process involved many difficulties
as the design and printing processes were separate,
and consumers had to compare and negotiate
with various design service providers.

Production Inquiry

Convenient One-Stop Process Tara TPS Design Service

“Should the brand logo be
on the left or center?”
“Which color should I use to highlight
the key content?”
“How can I make it look better?”
From the visual design to forms, sizes, colors,
and post processing of products,
we design everything.
Tara TPS provides solutions to every design
area that customers want to tweak.
From editorial design services that enhance
printed materials’ effective content delivery
to brand design that develops
CI representing the brand’s value
and placing these to various products,
every step is done by expert designers
in their respective fields.
Design for the
Best Results
We consider your intentions.
We design products considering clients’ intentions and situation,
for instance, potential readers of a book, the meaning of a brand kit itself,
and characteristics of a promotional event.
We offer the best designs tab_headero help our clients maximize their performance
whether it’s a teaching material or a promotional item.

Brand logos are printed on various items, such as business cards,
diaries, calendars, packages, and promotional materials.
Tara TPS’s design service handles from product development to production process,
overseeing various application designs on which the brand
logo is printed while developing BI and CI.

We consider brand expansion.
We consider specification and production.

Product specification varies depending on the design.
Tara TPS’s designs reflect the actual production process,
not just something in the monitor.
We have solutions of postprocessing that makes goods more luxury,
eco-friendly materials, and printing supervision to ensure accurate colors.

Main Products
  • Editorial design Textbooks, reports
  • Promotional design Brochures/catalogs, trifold leaflets, flyers
  • Brand application CI, business cards/templates
  • POP Banners (e.g., X-banner, etc.)
  • Seasonal products Pages in diaries, calendar covers
  • Packaging Brand kits, shopper bags