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Tara TPS signs MOU with Uzbekistan for National Textbook Production
2024 07.09

Tara TPS, a specialized printing and publishing company led by CEO Kang Ho-yeon, has announced the signing of an MOU with Uzbekistan's national printing house to collaborate on textbook projects.

On July 2nd, Tara TPS signed an MOU with , the state-owned printing house responsible for national textbook publication in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This MOU aims to facilitate printing technology exchange and international production cooperation. The national textbook publication project for primary and secondary education in Uzbekistan is expected to generate approximately $10 million USD in orders this year. Uzbekistan, a multi-ethnic country, uses Uzbek as the official language but also employs textbooks in minority languages such as Russian and Kazakh to protect the rights of minority groups. To support this iniative, Tara TPS will be in charge of manufacturing these textbooks across multiple languages, grade levels, and subjects.

Tara TPS has built a logistics management system for mass printing and exports based on high-quality printing technology, enabling the production and export of textbooks to various countries. The Uzbekistan Ministry of Education has pursued overseas production to maintain textbook printing quality and cost efficiency, having already collaborated with Tara TPS last year for textbook production. This agreement is expected to broaden the scope of cooperation from trading products to technology exchange in printing, enhancing the quality of education in Uzbekistan through stable distribution of high-quality textbooks

Kang Ho-yeon, CEO of Tara TPS, stated, "Textbooks are crucial educational resources. Utilizing Tara TPS's high-quality printing technology and international delivery system, we plan to reliably supply textbooks." He further expressed, "Through textbook production, we hope to contribute to educational and cultural cooperation between Korea and Uzbekistan.