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Tara Graphics Acquires FSC® CoC Certification
2023 07.10


Tara Graphics department has obtained FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) CoC certification.


FSC® is the most famous global certification system for forest resource management. Products are labeled FSC® to make it easier for consumers to know that a product is made of forest resources that have been under responsible management. In the case of printed products, not only FSC®-certified paper should be used, but every step until a finished product is produced, such as distribution, storage, printing, and processing, must meet FSC®® standards.


Tara Graphics has been certified for 12 items, including paper packaging, business cards, diaries, books, calendars, and advertising or promotional materials. As a result, Tara TPS has become a company with the largest number of FSC®-certified items in Korea. Customers can produce products with this FSC® certification logo at Tara Graphics.